The Butterfly Veil Oracle cards have been created from watercolour paintings with an added ‘spirit veil’ of these beautiful transformational creatures.

The style is from an experimental period in which I attempted to capture the effects of bright sunlight, often with extreme methods such as using coarse sandpaper on the dry paint to create 'dazzle' on the brightest areas.

I've tried to keep each keyword unobtrusive, so as to suggest a starting point rather than an instruction, and many are ambiguous and may also be understood metaphorically.

There are 63 cards, including a title card and an info card, which may be used to decorate the white tuck box, and the cards are 3.5" x 5".

I hope you like them.


Butterfly Veil video

Note: Due to increased Tracked and Signed For postage and shipping costs, I've decided to move away from very small, expensively produced, signed Limited Editions and make future tarot and other cards available as Print on Demand. The Butterfly Veil is available from the Make Playing Cards website at: Butterfly Veil Oracle